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New tutorial
Are you a process consultant, internal or external? Are you trying to map a process quickly and understand it on all levels? Then you might wanna have a look at our new example and test it with the new tutorial.
October 28, 2022
Screencast "Status Check" with Galactify's Workflow Manager
Understand our user-quote better "With Galactify, it's very simple - if I need more details, I zoom in, if I want to see the overview, I zoom out."
September 8, 2022
Where am I? What is the next step?
Where am I? What is the next step? With these (philosophical questions) I started my elevator pitch at wayra today. Many of us have the same questions, when it comes to our daily workflows! And there is hope: I used the 2 minutes pitch also to show-case Galactify’s Workflow-Manger, that is answering these (among others) for our users Telefónica Germany (O2).Thanks to the whole wayra team and especially to Dainius for helping out on stage and Max for the best photos!‍
August 30, 2022
BayTOU visited Galactify!
Representatives from BayTOU epxerienced first hand how smooth Galactify’s process modelling solution is working.
August 30, 2022