Where am I? What is the next step?

August 30, 2022

Where am i? What is the next step?
Who should I talk to?

These are quite philosophical questions!

Or questions when I get lost in a Munich, when I want to get from the O2 tower to the wayra office.

Or also questions I ask myself during the daily workflows at work...

Where am I, what is the next step?

An introduction to philosophy would go beyond the scope of this article.
In a new city, I get out my iphone, and open google maps, zoom out to see where I am, zoom in to see when I need to make a turn.

In my daily workflows I do the same: and now a quote from one of your users at Telefónica: "With Galactify it's totally easy! If I want the overview I zoom out, if I need more details I zoom in".
And this is possible over any number of layers, for any number of complex processes - with Galactify, the world's first 3D zooming user interface for processes end-to-end.

If you want to see it in action - we ware happy to show you our first out-of-the-box product!

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