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Junior Apprentice
monthly / user
perfect for curious individuals
and small teams defining processes
All building templates including BPMN, UML and everything else you need to define your processes
Nest up to 5 levels - perfect to create the most processes
Up to 50 users per Workspace
Unlimited read-only users for all your colleagues or customers
Share workspaces publicly
Save your individual views
Basic E-Mail support
30 days free trial
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Senior Commander
monthly / user
perfect for cross functional teams defining
and automating processes
Everything in Junior Apprentice, plus:
Premium process automation templates:
Feasibility Checks, Idea Management & OKR Tracking
Nest up to 10 levels - enough to create and optimize the most complex processes
Up to 150 users per workspace
Prioritised E-Mail support
Coming soon:
Advanced views like roadmap and kanban layout
30 days free trial
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Custom Enterprise
Let's talk
perfect for bigger spaceships
with larger teams
Everything in Senior Commander, plus:
As many custom templates you need
As many workspaces as you need
Unlimited users per workspace
Define your specific workflow (custom workflow + custom data format + custom interface + custom rights and roles)
Individualised E-Mail based on Trigger Events
Custom export and import
Single Sign On
Dedicated success manager
Trusted by our partners and customers

Galactify Enterprise

Galactify is offering an out of the box solution for your B2B workflow management. If you are interested in getting full transparency for all stakeholders in your daily workflows - please get in touch.
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