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Gregor Hohmann

Founder & CEO
Gregor has a background as an industrial engineer with a focus on IT. He did some coding for Galactify, but had to acknowledge quickly, that Max does it a tiny bit faster.

At Galactify he is responsible for business development, marketing and sales. He has started a startup before and has gained 8 years of industry experience in the fields of requirements and systems engineering.

His passions are various; he loves language (in general), sports (running, sailing and skiing), tech, music (piano), hanging out with his friends and also meeting new people.

Max Rieger

Founder & CTO
Max holds a diploma in mechatronics and IT from TU Munich. He discovered his passion for programming early on while creating private websites and therefore, after his study, started a career as a fullstack developer.

Since then Max has been working in various industries as a fullstack developer and led developing teams. At Galactify he is responsible for all tasks concerning the core system.

Max loves to play music with his rock band. He is very creative and sometimes feels a little nerdy.

Yiran Ren

Design Lead
Yiran holds a Master's degree in Industrial Design from TU München, accompanied by extensive experience in the field of UI/UX design.

As a full-time employee at Galactify, Yiran's role encompasses a diverse range of design responsibilities. From crafting meticulous application designs to conducting comprehensive user research, mapping out intuitive user journeys, and creating seamless interfaces, she excels in every facet of the design process.

Outside her professional life, Yiran finds joy and inspiration in the world of art and painting. She also has a deep-seated passion for anime and cherishes moments spent with friends, making her a well-rounded and accomplished individual in both professional and personal pursuits.

We are growing

Sales / Marketing / Backend / Frontend / Fullstack …
If you want to be part of the interface revolution, just get into contact!

Galactify's "Why"

The world we live in is becoming increasingly complex, driven by advancements in technology, interconnectedness, and vast amounts of available data. However, traditional computer interfaces have failed to evolve accordingly, relying predominantly on tables and text-based information presentation and thus limiting our ability to effectively comprehend and work with this complexity. Inspired by our own encounters with the challenges of complexity in our professional careers, we envision a future where we unleash modern computer interface technology’s full potential.

By introducing a patented immersive 3D zooming UI we revolutionize the digital workplace, providing a powerful and intuitive interface. This technology is already available on today's hardware. With Galactify, complexity becomes clarity while boosting active participation and reducing frustrating manual work.

Galactify's productivity software empowers individuals and teams to collaborate seamlessly on strategy, goals, tasks, and management decisions with transparency. The flexible interface allows team members to gain the right context and navigate effortlessly from the big picture to the smallest task. Unlock unparalleled productivity as understanding dependencies becomes intuitive.

Right now we help teams to create a clear vision of complex tasks, boost active participation and reduce frustrating manual work.

Our values


For us, pioneering means acting visionary and bold while staying curious and eager to learn. 

Customer centric

For us, customer centric means striving for excellence and acting professionally while always staying committed to customer satisfaction.


For us, trustworthy means being reliable business partners and supporting and empowering each other!


For us, respectful means dealing with colleagues and customers in a fair and friendly way.


For us, gritty means staying resilient and ambition though the whole startup journey, no matter what.


For us, cool means acting optimistically and reacting relaxed with a pinch of humor to the challenges of everyday’s work.

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