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Galactify's intuitive interface helps teams to develop products faster.

Industry leading intuitive tool for 3D diagrams

A Galactify 3d diagram

Galactify provides an interface that allows you to understand abstract structures and complex relationships faster.

Our focus lies on the intuitive usability for experts of all disciplines and interoperability to support existing standards like SySML & UML.

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Nest blocks visually
Create multi-level hierarchies naturally
100% component based
Share sub-models
via direct links
Integration of expert tools
See how your models are connected
Zooming interface
From detail to overview with
one pinch
German servers
High data security
by default

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Experts say about Galactify:

Florian Lux
Head of Systems Thinking at Zielpuls
"We at Zielpuls use Galactify to navigate seamlessly through very complex product models in our customer projects making it the ideal SysML model viewer. So it really helps to improve the common development of interdisciplinary roles in every organization."
Verónica Celis Vergara
CEO at EnlightAID
"Galactify is an excellent solution to manage project development. As a fully remote company, we at EnlightAID require to have an integrated information platform for our multidisciplinary team, Galactify is the right place for us to share current data, all with one link."
Maarten Haneveer
System Architect at Airbus Defence and Space
"Galactify’s concept of an intuitively navigable architecture, understandable for non-MBSE experts, and operable with common and already existing MBSE-tools is a significant step forward. It helps bring the Engineers, Operators, and Client together during the design phases of complex engineering projects."

People behind Galactify

Gregor Hohmann
Founder & CEO
Gregor has a background as an industrial engineer with a focus on IT. He did some coding for Galactify, but had to acknowledge quickly, that Max does it a tiny bit faster :)
Maximilian Rieger
Founder & CTO
Max holds a diploma in mechatronics and IT from TU Munich. He discovered his passion for programming early on while creating private websites.

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