Manage ideas and goals intuitively.
Galactify’s cutting edge technology helps your organisation to make the next step in digital transformation - fun and engagement guaranteed!
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A revolutionary interface for workflows and process mapping
Onboarding takes seconds, the ease of use lasts - working with Galactify’s lightning fast 3D Zooming Interface.
Galactify helps your organization to be agile and transparent for all stakeholders - always see where you are and know the next step.
How is Galactify different?

Understand workflows fast

In the process jungle, sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees...

Wouldn't it be great if you could just take a step back to get an overview?

That's exactly how Galactify helps in everyday workflows like idea management or goal tracking. With Galactify you never lose the context and always know how your work contributes to the bigger picture. It helps you to seamlessly transition from focus to overview or vice versa!

Motivate all stakeholders

Complex processes in big organisations can seem even more complicated and demotivating when you don’t have the right tools.

Wouldn't it be great, if everyone could choose the best fitting view for one’s role and preference?

That’s exactly how Galactify’s intuitive zooming interface with it’s predefined views works. Let’s take a look at an innovation process: You only want to see all ideas, where you gave feedback to - easy. You want to see all ideas that are waiting for your feedback - easy. You want to create your own individualised view - easy!

Become future proof

Our design principles are not cloud or touch first - we call them future first. When you start working with one of Galactify’s templates you have made a huge step into the future, maybe without even noticing - at least that was our plan ;) All our workspaces run in a real 3D space to ensure the most natural user experience. It also means that you can use the 3rd dimension for complex sorting tasks on good old laptops or become or become a beta user of our AR/VR tests - just let us know!
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People behind Galactify

The Founders

Max Rieger & Gregor Hohmann

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What is so special about Galactify?

Galactify is a revolutionary zooming user interface: metaverse-ready today. Galactify is a productivity tool ready for the metaverse - running on today’s devices. It is so intuitive to use that no training period is required, even for complex tasks. Galactify’s zooming interface offers a revolutionary approach that displays information in multiple (infinite) layers - and 3D. This offers the advantage of viewing all projects at a glance, maintaining clarity at all times and ensuring smooth workflows. Efficiency and profitability will increase automatically as a nice side effect.

What is Galactify and who is it for?

Galactify is a revolutionary tool for transparent communication in complex environments - easily map and control complex processes. Galactify is for all process planners who value transparent and smooth communication to optimize their workflow. Cross-functional teams profit from real-time exchange of information and intuitively understand complex processes. Galactify’s SaaS solution supports a variety of different general tasks and provides perfectly tailored templates to satisfy individual needs in our B2B offering. Galactify ensures that all stakeholders get an overview at all times for all their projects, and not only know what to do but also know why. (No matter if you communicate with each other in real time or in different time zones. This makes managing and editing larger projects a breeze).

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