Boost your productivity with Galactify

August 7, 2023

Everything you need to know to boost your productivity with Galactify

Basic navigation principle: Zooming!

The basic principle is straightforward - and in case of doubt - Galactify works like the common map tools like Google Maps or Apple Maps!

If you work with a computer: Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out (you don’t have to hold “command” or any other weird shortcut that helps you zoom). 

Depending on how your touchpad is configured - scrolling up and down does the same thing. Interestingly there is a difference from Google to Apple Maps - with Google you zoom with the 2 fingers scrolling gesture - with Apple Maps you pan with it and have to use the pinch gestures to zoom in and out (on the Mac).

We go with Google Maps here, as it is THE most used app that applies zooming and is accepted across all ages and backgrounds!

The most useful shortcuts in Galactify

One level deeper

Double click or tap any free area in the sub-canvas to jump one level deeper starting with a bird’s eye view of the deeper level or sub-canvas. (If you find a better word, please let us know - technically we call it “children area”...)

Imagine you are using Galactify's OKR-template and have focused on one objective. Now you want to see an overview of all key results belonging to this objective. Double click on the sub-canvas and there you are!

If you do prefer hitting buttons: 

Hit the expand button on the top left corner of the sub-canvas for your Key Results - you get the same result.

If you want to move deeper, faster click on of the deeper blocks twice to

  • Jump one level deeper &
  • Focus the block of interest

Depending on how sophisticated your model in Galactify is, you can fly through several levels.

From a team overview passing by an Objective directly to your KPI!

Now something for the folks that love to use keys -->

One level up

My personal favourite is the escape key: Hit it to zoom out and jump one level higher and get a centred view. In the rare case that I got lost - I just hit the escape button. 

On the bottom right and on the top left on every screen you always see the level up button (the one, that looks like a turned “Enter” button). 

Moving around

For the gamers among you: Move the canvas (or pan your view) with “wasd” navigation.

If you have multiple blocks to check or want to flip through - select one block, and jump to the next ones with the arrow keys.

As Galactify is a zooming interface the “+” and “-” key do what you might expect - zoom in with “+” and zoom out with ”-”

And if you prefer a more classical navigation style:

On the top left there you can open a classic navigation tree like a file browser - and fly directly to the blocks you need to work on!

If you want so see some cool moving around effect - watch the latest screencast here.

CopyCtrl + C⌘ + C
PasteCtrl + C⌘ + V
Move canvasWASDWASD
Select next block↑ ↓ → ←↑ ↓ → ←
Focus on the blockDouble clickDouble click
Enter next level↵ Enter, double click on the next level↵ Enter, double click on the next level
Zoom in++
Zoom out--
Go one level upescesc
DeleteDeleteBackspace ⌦

The only constant is change

As moving and working in 3D or 3D like workspaces is not standardised yet, we are constantly evaluating and improving Galactify’s operating concept - we’ll try to keep this entry updated!

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