Visual project management

Transparency enabled by an intuitive 3D zooming user interface

Improve the overall quality of your work leveraging Galactify's revolutionary big picture collaboration principle. It combines the freedom of a whiteboard tool with the structure of visual project management software.

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Understand how information is connected

Zoom out to see how data is aggregated - keeping a direct line of sight

Galactify's blocks represent tasks, goals, projects, KPIs, and processes - whatever you need!

Intelligent blocks proactively alert you to upcoming deadlines.

Experience enhanced productivity with AI-powered blocks, designed to speed up your workflows.

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Nest blocks and connect them to other blocks.

See dependencies intuitively.

Visualize the connection between daily work and contribution to company strategy. 

Understand in one place how your tasks add up to your goals, your goals to the team goals, and the team’s goals to department’s. 

Always focus on what’s most important for you.

Improve transparency of operational workflows at every level of your organization.

Project managers and their teams benefit when it comes to the following use cases.

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Track Tasks

Onboard fast, with Galactify’s Kanban Taskboard. Zoom out to a higher level and see how tasks are related to the bigger picture. Zoom in, to get more information and see subtasks.

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Understand Goals

Set and track your goals to see how your results contribute to strategic goals. Zoom to focus on key results and get more information about critical elements.

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Make Decisions

Leverage the whole collective intelligence of your organization to make better and faster decisions. Galactify's engaging and intuitive interface has proven to triple engagement and keep the team motivated.

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Visualize Processes

Processes matter - with Galactify you can make them easily accessible - always with the perfect level of detail.

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Connect APIs

Connect everything you need. Galactify helps you understand how your organization works, even if data sources are scattered and not connected, yet.

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Structure information

Combine every template. Galactify’s flexible and modular structure can easily be customized to your specific needs.

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