Advanced technologies for your business process

March 27, 2023

1. Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and business process management (BPM) which produce innovative solutions to improve workflow and business processes. IA boosts productivity by eliminating bottlenecks in the workflow and reducing the possibility of errors. On top of that, by automating repetitive tasks, businesses save cost and employees focus on more strategic tasks and complex collaboration. 

2. Intuitive visualization

Businesses make their complex data visualizations more comprehensible by using intuitive visualizations. A good visualization is not only summarizing data and numbers into pictures, diagrams, charts, and maps, but also telling a story and resonating with your audience in a more visually pleasing manner. Moreover, with intuitive visualizations, sharing analytical information and tracking performance becomes much easier.

3. Real-time collaboration

AI creates a breakthrough in real-time collaboration by accommodating different users, including stakeholders, to work together on a project in real time without leaving the platform. AI real-time collaboration implementation also facilitates users with a live chat box, separate dashboards with comment box and real-time editing, and document sharing button. Furthermore, real-time collaboration will increase process transparency and visibility and address significant problems with time sensitivity better. 

4. Smart Integration

Collection of data is becoming more effectively utilized by combining artificial intelligence and integration algorithms into smart integration systems. Smart integration helps businesses build their effective, personalized, and intelligent working process. Also, it allows businesses to access the data faster, which leads to faster product development.

5. Augmented and Virtual reality

Immersive and interactive experiences are the results provided by augmented and virtual reality. Immersive experiences create strong engagement and motivation and help bring employees together. AR and VR enable businesses to create and present business process models in realistic and interactive environments. Applying augmented and virtual reality into business processes will bring many benefits, such as enhanced productivity and performance, improved training and onboarding processes, and outperform collaboration. 

In conclusion, advanced technology offers many benefits to transform various aspects of business processes, starting from automation, intuitive interfaces, collaboration, integration, and employee engagement. However, the adoption of augmented reality in the business process can be overwhelming at first. Not only do businesses need to research the digital advancement strategy and identify their business needs, but they also need to find suitable tools that support multiple qualities. Choosing the wrong tool for your business could even lead to project failure that will cost not only money but also time.

If you are looking for a productivity tool that helps your organization either to take  the next step in digital transformation or improve your business processes in a fun way, Galactify might be your solution.

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