Screencast "Status Check" with Galactify's Workflow Manager

September 8, 2022

We are often asked what a zooming user interface is and why it is the most intuitive way to support any workflow from start to finish. We show here exactly what this means with our internal process for evaluating new ideas at Galactify, which is also, in a highly simplified way, the process we support at Telefonica. You can watch the short tutorial here.

If you prefer reading - simply read the following transcript :)

I now want to get an overview of what the status results from Q2 look like. To do that, let's just zoom into Q2. I can already see that 6 ideas have made it to the botto, the done status. Now I immediately notice that one of the ideas was rated yellow aka "not so good" by the team. To see why, I simply zoom in and I'm already at the feedback level. Here you can also see an integrated chat, with which we can clarify any ambiguities directly in the process.With Galactify, it's very simple - if I need more details, I zoom in, if I want to see the overview, I zoom out." That was our workflow manager from the process owner's point of view - we'll show you the views of other stakeholders and how you can intuitively create new elements in the next video!

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