Head of Marmot Systems Thinking Group meets the Galactinaut

January 4, 2021

The Systems Thinker's problem

What are the biggest challenges of a systems engineer and a systems thinker in everyday life?

The task is almost always to present complex technical structures and processes in such a way that the information is clear and easy to understand for different teams or the entire company at a quick glance. Often, different tools for different layers are needed for the representation in order to show correlations between technical solutions and the underlying requirements. As a result, things quickly become confusing. The fact is that above a certain complexity, this almost always leads to chaos and frustration, which is very unmotivating in the long run. This is also the case for the friend of our little marmot. It leads the small team of Systems Thinkers - the MSTG (Marmot Systems Thinking Group) and just can't get ahead. On the one hand the specialist tools are too slow and very difficult to learn. On the other hand the light-weight tools offer too few possibilities to work in a truly model-based and data driven way...

The groundbreaking idea

When it asks the marmot for advice, the latter remembers its encounter with the Galactinaut and wonders if it might not have a solution for its friend to solve the problems of the MSTG. Full of confidence, the two marmots set off into space to meet the Galactinaut. And indeed, the Galactinaut has already developed some templates and functions based on UML, which allows him to intuitively create his basic models and the links between them.

Galactinaut shows a holo tutorial

Clear, fast and intuitive. “This is our Mars Rover” the Galactinaut explains in a friendly way and shows the prototype of his Mars Rover to the marmots on his holo-interface. As the two marmots are experts on solar cells, they zoom into the smallest detail of the solar cell integrated in the Mars Rover to understand how it works. Suddenly they realize that a safety-critical element is missing - they suggest to the Galactinaut to make an appointment together with all experts next week, in order to be able to transfer the correct specification of the transistor into the system...
The Galactinaut smiles (as far as you can judge in his helmet) and says: “Insert it right now.”
Thereupon the two reply:  “But we don't have that much time, we would have to learn the basics of your tool first.“
The two marmots can barely finish their sentence when the galactinaut already starts a holo tutorial:  “Don't worry, it will only take 30 seconds.“

Surprisingly simple handling

And indeed -  they simply enter the missing element including all required parameters via a big “plus“.
“Dear Galactinaut, only you can use this future technology, but we don't have any holo interfaces on our planet - alone we can't upgrade our computers with new graphic cards, they are not available right now...“
The Galactinaut kindly replies: “Don't be afraid - my engineers have written the code so efficiently that this SaaS solution runs smoothly in the browser even on older computers and tablets. No matter how complex your projects will get and how many components you might have - it will always run smoothly!“

At the following link you can also go on the journey of the marmots, and watch the short holo tutorial (well almost). :)
Galactify UML + SysML demo

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