Case Study Galactify @Automotive

March 16, 2021

What customers got from the implementation of Galactify

Case Study 1: Making SysML Data available to the whole corporation

We got approached by a well known car manufacturer that wanted to speed up the process of finding a high quality architecture for future automobiles.

The good thing was that a well defined process and toolset for modelling the ECUs and functions was already in place. But when it came down to getting the already existing information distributed to the whole organisation the customer had not found a solution, yet.. They basically used “copy & paste” of screenshots and put together a rather incomprehensible slide deck that was distributed to >1000 of engineers.

The problems were obvious:

  • The moment the engineers opens the slide deck it already is outdated.
  • A slide-deck does not contain any data - just pictures thus:
  • The engineers never (NEVER!) got exactly the configuration they needed for a proper evaluation and
  • No  integration of other data-sources were possible.
  • No single point of truth - slide decks are like viruses - they change a little bit after every evolution
  • No structured feedback-loop to the original “creator”

With the Galactify-App we build a lean importer for the customer’s SysML data (back then, our Excel-Importer was not born yet :) )

So the whole organization including management and “non-specialists” profit from precious data, that’s already there!

Every stakeholder can view his personal configuration - including all linked tasks from JIRA - just in place!

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