Achieve full
transparency with Galactify's

Galactify’s Workflow Manager helps you achieve full transparency for all stakeholders and boost engagement!

Full transparency in
complex processes

Implemented use cases:
Continuous improvement processes /
Idea + feasibility management

To be implemented: Your workflow


Individual process workflows, event-based notifications and automatic evaluations accelerate your processes. Reduce manual tasks by over 90% while bringing up information and data quality.

High process reliability

With Galacitfy's Workflow Manager stakeholders adhere to your defined standard process as it involves much less effort. A state of the the art rights & roles management outperformes any "sheet+e-mail+presentation+file-server"-process.


Every stakeholder knows the status of their feasibility check - full transparency for all parties involved such as product development, marketing  and sales. Especially for companies with an agile approach - it really helps to live it!

Strong engagement

Users enjoy working with Galactify as it follows the human's brain evolution. Every child already understands the principles of zooming and nesting! So you can focus a 100% on your tasks and don't have to worry about learning how your workflow-tool works.

Features to power your workflow management

Intuitive interface enables onboarding of new users in less than 2 minutes.
Easy integration through open interface design: data import via Excel or API (e.g. JIRA) + individual export (e.g. pdf).
Real-time collaboration, including chat for direct clarification of process obstacles.
Future-proof: Galactify's zooming interface is prepared for AR/VR
Ready for use on all existing devices through the latest browser technology.
State of the art security architecture: Galactify meets over 350 criteria for productive process at Telefónica.
"Galactify's interface is so simple! I zoom out and get an overview. I zoom in and see the details."
- User feedback from Telefónica

Our customers profit from Galactify's innovation

Telefónica Customer Service&Sales

Ideas management for 200 users.
"Working with Galactify is really fun - it's the first tool innovation in years"!
Exclusive funding programme for hich-tech startups

150 k € for accelerating the development and expansion of Galactify's features.

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