Create a clear vision of your process maps.
Enlighten every level of your organization’s processes. The secret behind every great product is a great process!
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Build awesome processes

The secret behind every great product is a great process. Galactify helps you create the right process for the right project from the start, so that you eliminate the headaches, hassles and backtracking that slow your progress throughout.

You try to get started on the right foot, because trying to course-correct with a bad process midway through building something is agony. The agony is constantly having to change and slow down, and it’s because you didn’t start with a process that worked from the beginning.
With Galactify we help you to start the process of right and get to the next right step for your existing process.

High process reliability

With Galacitfy’s Workflow Manager stakeholders adhere to your defined standard process as it involves much less effort. A state of the the art rights & roles management outperformes any “sheet+e-mail+presentation+file-server”-process.
We’ve got templates for building your process

- Unified Modeling Language

Build everything you need, with the most common process mapping language.

- Business Process Model and Notation

Optimise your business workflows with the perfect language: BPMN
Our customers profit from Galactify’s innovation

Telefónica Customer Service&Sales

Ideas management for 200 users.
“Working with Galactify is really fun - it’s the first tool innovation in years”!

Exclusive funding programme for high-tech startups

150 k € for accelerating the development and expansion of Galactify’s features.