Achieve full transparency with Galactify's Workflow-Manager.
Galactify's Workflow Manager helps you achieve full transparency for all stakeholders and boost engagement!
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Increase transparency

As an example all stakeholders know the status of their request for a crossfuncational feasibility analysis at Telefónica - full transparency for all parties involved such as product development, marketing and sales.

Galactify’s end-2-end approach lets you discuss diverse opinions directly where they occur. This ensures that you not only get results faster - you also can look up on what conditions the results were achieved - even after years!
Especially for companies with an agile approach and commitment for fast and transparent decisions - Galactify helps you to live it!

Boost engagement

Working with professional tools does not have to be boring or even worse, stressful. Users of all backgrounds and ages enjoy working with Galactify - as it follows the human’s brain evolution. Every child understands the principles of zooming and nesting - So everyone can focus 100% on the tasks at hand.

You will experience lightning-fast loading times no matter if you want to view 5 or 500 elements at once - you decide how fast you wanna work, not your tool!

Once your workflow is set up, it takes less than 60 seconds for new colleagues to onboard -  don’t worry about learning how your workflow-tool works, focus on your work, not on how to use a tool!
This unique combination of Galactify’s principles and features leads to a strong engagement of all stakeholders to take an active role in recurring work workflows.

Benefit from automations

At Galactify automation does not mean that a black box performs some obscure operations in the background. We believe that users always have to be in control of their tasks. At Galactify automations are applied to help users speed up tedious tasks. No more copy&paste, as Galactify supports your process end-2-end - of course exports are available if you need to use the results in other tools!

Especially for cross-functional teams and matrix organizations you can turn on event-based notifications - visually or coupled with individual e-mail notifications.

Last but not least you get visual automations - as they appear so natural, you won’t even realize that you are dealing with automation. For example the worst status of a cross-functional evaluation gets handed over to the request one level higher.
Supervising a process becomes easy - only zoom into the details if you need to.

High process reliability

With Galacitfy’s Workflow Manager stakeholders adhere to your defined standard process as it involves much less effort. A state of the the art rights & roles management outperformes any “sheet+e-mail+presentation+file-server”-process.
Features to power your workflow management

Intuitive interface enables onboarding in 60 seconds.

Easy integration through open interface design: data import via Excel or API (e.g. JIRA) + individual export (e.g. pdf).

Ready for use on all existing devices through the latest browser technology.

Future-proof: Galactify’s zooming interface is prepared for AR/VR.

Real-time collaboration, including chat for direct clarification of process obstacles.

State of the art security architecture: Galactify meets over 350 criteria for productive process at Telefónica.

Our customers profit from Galactify’s innovation

Telefónica Customer Service&Sales

Ideas management for 200 users.
“Working with Galactify is really fun - it’s the first tool innovation in years”!

Exclusive funding programme for high-tech startups

150 k € for accelerating the development and expansion of Galactify’s features.