Anual Review

Was 2020 a great year? At Galactify we dare to state: YES!
December 24, 2020

Jan: bought at an auction
Feb: last big party starting at the office Wayra Germany until now
Mar: Christina Amon starts, if you wonder why everything looks so good at Galactify - it’s her achievement
Apr: Sasank Kothe starts integrating the search function - thanks for your dedication!
Jun: project study with Anna-Lena Möller and Frederik Stahl - thanks, we are still using your results!
Jul: filed our first patent, which was exhausting and rewarding at the same time
Aug: Maximilian Rieger finished a big restructuring - Galactify is future proof & runs super smoothly
Sep: many insightful conversations at SECESA European Space Agency - ESA
Oct: super productive workshop how to enhance security architecture in automotive
Nov: Stefan starts his IDP and helps bringing SysML to Galactify’s Model Builder
Dec: Our Model Builder is used in first customer projects, POC Project with Telefónica Germany starts

Are we happy and satisfied with what we achieved this year: YES!

A big thank you to all of our beta testers, users, customers that dare to work with us, employees, lawers, tax consultants, the wayra team and every single person in our great community, our friends and families who supported us this year!

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