How to deal with complex work

A visual presentation of a complex product/ project beats text and speech.
September 22, 2020

TU students did a project study at Galactify. They conducted two surveys with about 400 participants.
The main findings are the following:

Project- and Process-Mangers lose more time when creating cross department knowledge transfer and creating common understanding than developing/ engineering roles.

And the thematic exchange of complex information is most difficult with colleagues from general management and the easiest with colleagues from development & engineering.

We assume that developers and engineers building complex products “know how their parts work”. But when it comes to explaining their products, it gets hard to understand for “non-experts'' working in more coordinating roles.

And luckily for us, all of you stated, that a visual presentation of a complex product/ project is the way to go, shortly followed by a model-based representation.
The modes of Verbal explanation and textual description follow with a large gap.

If you want to learn more about our results, just send us a short notice!

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