Model Builder

Create, understand & communicate complex systems.

Connect the 4 layers of SysML

Are you missing a complete understanding of your SysML Model?

Galactify’s cloud-based Model Builder empowers software architects to create and present easily accessible interactive overviews of system architectures. It visually links the 4 pillars of SysML and allows quick changes while maintaining consistency. 

Create different diagrams and views of your models in our browser-based software by visually linking different diagrams.
Work collaboratively in real time, make quick changes in your model, share diagrams and intuitively navigate through your model with our zoom interface.

The standard Model Builder comes with SysML templates for smooth export and import of your data. If you are using other languages or are in need of special ontologies, please reach out to With Galactify’s Model Builder you get an open tool, built to perfectly fit into your existing tool-chain. Right now we are finishing the api to enable you to connect your simulation-tools or export data like xmi-files.

Why are we using SysML as a main standard?
SysML is one of the most common modelling languages used to describe complex structures. It allows systems engineers to have a common style among their models.It marks interrelationships and makes sharing models as easy as possible.

Why are we connecting the different pillars aka viewpoints visually?
Each pillar has its own elements and its own diagrams. By splitting your system into these 4 categories, and using different windows or even tools, it’s impossible to still see the big picture of your product.Therefore Galactify’s Model Builder enables you to visually connect all pillars - and understand all interrelationships of your model.

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