The Era of Zooming User Interfaces - the journey begins

December 9, 2021

The marmot's mission

This story is about a little marmot that lives on earth and is given the task by its boss to present the complex processes and structures of its company in a simple and understandable way. Soon the little marmot reaches its limits and realizes that the possibilities the earth offers are simply not enough. No one understands the processes because everything becomes so confusing so quickly.

The marmot has been living a rather long time on earth - to be exact, since 1973 - the beginning of PC history. However, it no longer feels comfortable because it simply can't make progress with the possibilities that earth offers - it has completely lost track of everything. We are talking here about all the GUIs (graphical user interfaces) that no longer allow a clear representation of projects and processes. There are already a few decent solutions that allow to display processes more clearly, but they are all based on WIMP GUIs (Windows Icons Menus & Pointers).

A journey begins

The marmot lies down on the ground to think and looks up into the infinite sky. Here the marmot wonders if there might not be inhabitants up there who have a similar problem. So the marmot sets off on a journey into space to look for alternative solutions to its problem. The further away it gets from earth (and thus also from completely outdated possibilities), the clearer and clearer the world appears from outer space. There the igniting idea comes to its mind. If only there was a way to zoom through processes and structures instead of displaying them in individual browsers, windows and folders.  It needs to display the processes using a ZUI's GUI (Zooming User Interfaces) - but how can it do that? Sure it has heard of ZUIs, but how should it implement it in such a short time? The deadline for the process documentation for his boss is already tomorrow.

An extraordinary appearance

So lost in thought, it recognizes an extraordinary being in the distance - like an unreal appearance - an astronomical being, it thinks to itself ...
The being introduces itself friendly as a Galactinaut. "A Galactinaut? What's that?"
"I was developed by Galactify to deliver the message to the marmots that in the very near future, the Zooming User Interface will be the solution to so many problems."
The marmot beaming with joy tells the Galactinaut about its problems. It realizes that Galactify offers unimagined possibilities - finally it can show its boss the complex processes in the new factory!

Happy and satisfied and full of confidence, the marmot returns to earth and brings the good news.

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